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About Will Alexander

Will's family bred and showed Irish Setters, and as a junior Will bred English Cockers under the Wilspride prefix.  Will made his ring début at the age of seven with one of his father's setters, and from then on he was very active (and successful) in Junior Showmanship, and the breed ring,  with a variety of breeds.

Will always wanted to be a handler, but before embarking on a handling career he  worked for Garry MacDonald here in Canada, and for Bobby Stebbins in the States – gaining experience, honing his skills, and perfecting his craft…


Will started handling professionally in 1986, and in 1987, took the Irish Setter Ch. McCammom Impresario to Top Dog All Breed. This also set a record as the youngest handler to have a Top Dog All Breeds.


Will is  one of only 5 handlers who has had more than one Top Dog All Breeds Will has  had a dog in the Top Ten All Breeds since 1991!

Since then, he has piloted 2 more memorable Irish Setters to the feat of Top Dog.

In 1993, Ch Quailfield's Mak'n Business and in 2005 Ch Muldoon Dewitt's Great One

Ch Mulldoons Dewitt Great One, Piper ended up winning 100 best in shows. 2010 saw the Afghan Hound Ch Mijkelh Sikanni of Procyon, Keefer, take the honour.

Many other amazing charges from Adele all the way to Miss P. The charming 15” Beagle bitch that captured the heart of New York, when she won the coveted Westminster best in show award in 2015, and yes, Will was at the end of the lead.


One of Will’s mentors is the great George Alston, known to many to be the best teacher in our sport.


Will has tried to carry on this tradition, with his seminars and online education.

Will’s love of teaching shines through his many apprentices that have gone on and achieved great heights in the sport of dogs. He hopes to continue the tradition.

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