For The Love
of Dogs

A new town, a new beginning, when Garry and his family moved to the small town of Blackwood, he didn't know what to expect. A chance encounter with a beautiful Irish Setter named Topaz and then the scary introduction to his owner, a big imposing man that somehow frightened and intrigued Garry at the same time. Their meeting would be the first of many adventures they were to have together.

For the Love of Dogs is a coming-of-age story, as well as a young man's introduction to the sport of dog shows.

For the Love of Dogs is an excellent read for any age, whether you are interested in the sport of dog shows or not. Will is well known for his countless thought provoking articles in magazines such as Canadian Dog Fancier and Dog news - and now he captures the reader with a wonderful story about "a boy and his dog".

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