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Will Alexander's Husky Grooming


When I was just starting , grooming education was very limited, you had to either learn directly from a professional handler or a successful breeder. That meant you had to approach them homes or at shows, and you will soon how busy handlers are at shows, most don’t do the bulk of grooming at the shows , it was done at home , days before the show. And to set up times for them to help you at their kennel was always hot and miss. There is the option of going to work for one of these handlers and let me tell you, they are always looking for new assistants. That means a huge commitment on your part, and most are not in the position to stop everything they are doing , to go work for a handler. I did go work for handlers, and the ones who couldn’t work for, I barraged with questions whenever I could. My grooming room was a collage of show pictures , many with notes and drawings I had applied myself trying to learn from the photos The good news? In this online age, there are many grooming tutorials available on many different platforms. We will do our best to keep adding to our library.

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